Friday, 30 March 2018

Tower Records and things you could buy only in Japan

As a Kpop fan, a visit to Tower Records is a must.Tower Records in Sapporo in so small it is located inside Uniqlo building.  The Kpop sections cover around 3 shelves and of course, I will buy one even though  I already preorder Got7 cd . Tower Record "eyes on you" are also come with preorder benefit Look Book although it is an in-store purchase. The price is similar to Korean Won so I could not stop my self lol.

The first intention to Tower Records is Day6. They finally release a Japan single !

Japan release mean- hi-touch event, Japan showcase will be held in the future. I missed their events in Tokyo by 1 day.

Twice the young queeen!

successful Senpai-2pm

Things you could buy only in Japan. * also as a souvenir

1) Coca Cola Peach ( less than 200 yen)

2. Coca Cola Hokkaido Edition ( less than 300 yen)

3. If you have an extra fund you could purchase Starbucks Japan Geography Tumbler 2000 yen + tax

All airports will sell all region tumbler

or maybe you interested in special season tumbler like this spring tumbler

Starbucks Sakura Drink( available at the convenience store)

4) Chocolates

Muslim and Vegan need to check the ingredients first. You can use google translate apps image to check the ingredients.

This Alfort mini the normal flavour- chocolate and white chocolate is less than 100 yen.  The premium one is a bit expensive. Harajuku street selling them at 68 yen while in Sapporo Don Quijote the price is 88 yen.

The weird Kit Kat and Unique Kit Kat flavor.

I read that this Kit Kat flavour is cough syrup lol

Mentos Green Tea

Van Houten Cocoa drink
Royce chocolate + Potatochip what a combination!

Haagen Dazs ice cream 

5) Colourful magnet

Japan is famous for their region manhole. They also design a fridge magnet of the manhole

By the way,  if anyone searching for Got7 Look Book , I  willing to sell the extra. It comes with  Bam Bam sticker , I also have extra JB lyric poster.

+  I also have Starbucks Hokkaido too. I'm thinking to sell this as I still have the old version .  Comes with the free drink voucher. A motivation to come to Japan lol. Email me if you have any interest on the look book or tumbler. Able to mail world wide

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