Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[Food ] Mr.Dakgalbi Mont Kiara, malaysia

If you go to Seoul, you can see they serve Dakgalbi in  hot pot which u can enjoy with 2 or 4 person per table. Afraid not u can enjoy it here in Malaysia. Last weekend i went to Mr Dakgalbi Mont Kiara.

Don't worry the chicken is from certified Halal slaughter house.

The interior

I come with my sister but we only purchase 1 serving of Dakgalbi  + ramyeon + cheese as the portion it is good enough for us.

The staff will cook for you.
N here is the final touch before u could gulp it down!! Nyam nyam .

They also pay for your parking. They give u RM1 once u show u the parking ticket.
After you  eat this you can go and eat some dessert at CafeBene as it is located  within the same block. 
Feels like you are in Seoul during summer....lol !

[Event] Cant Stop Malaysia

Yeay CNBLUE is coming back to Malaysia after their Blue Moon tour last year. dadduduridadda CN to the Blue (opps sorry Yonghwa feels) lol.

Date : 9 August 2014
Location : Stadium Negara

CNBLUE is South Korean band consist of Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin under FNC.
If they are not busy with their band promotion , you will see their handsome face on TV. Come on of course you remember of this character- Seju or Collin or Chanyoung or Sungjae??

You can purchase online ticket here : http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/en/component/k2/cnblue-2014-cnblue-live-can-t-stop-in-kuala-lumpur

The organizer is IME Productions
Their fanclub name is Boice. You can refer CNBLUEBEAT  Malaysia 's Boice for upcoming fan project.
I really like their latest single Cant Stop, well u cant stop listening to them. It is different from their previous song with a little brit-pop sound. Last time when i was in Seoul i did went to FNC just to see a glimpse of their face Lol. But nobody was there.Its ok they are the best when they are on stage.

Monday, 19 May 2014

[Event] 2NE1 2014 All Or Nothing in Malaysia

This is gonna be a first time 2NE1 concert in Malaysia. Last time they only come for Twin Tower showcase.

Date : 24 May 2014
Location : Stadium Negara
2NE1 is a  4 girls group under YG consist of CL , Minzy , Dara and Bom.
Their fan is call Blackjack. You know because in Blackjack card  games(no not solitaire)  u need to collect 21 points to win.
The bonus part of this, the opening stage will be Winnner rookie from YG !!

You can still purchase ticket online at http://www.ticketcharge.com.my/en/component/k2/2ne1-2014-world-tour-all-or-nothing-in-malaysia  *only rockzone available till todate

The organizer is IME Productions
Please refer IME page for more further info.

I really like Im the best from 2NE1 as it potray women empowerment and motivation !! Oh My God !!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tteokbokki and Kim Bap Cooking class

I joined free cooking class provided by KTO last week.
Madam Shin demonstrate to us how to cook Tteokbokki and Kim Bap. This 2 are my favorite !

 Tteokbokki ingredients

Rice Cake ,Anchovies stock,Fish Cake,Red Pepper paste (Gojuchang)  ,Cabbage,Sugar syrup

We boil the rice cake with the anchovies stock and gojuchang until the rice cake is soft.
Sonsengnim said if the rice cake if already soft we can add the other ingredients ;fish cake and cabbage, stir until it cook.

Kim Bap ( rice roll)
Ingredients : sticky rice ,sausage, crab meat, cucumber, radish pickle, egg, carrot, seaweed, sesame oil

Sonsengnim said we can also use local rice add with glutinous rice besides the rice solely for Kim Bap. All items already stir fry before we start the class. (crab, egg and sausage). For cucumber we just cut the side of cucumber , avoid the middle part as it is watery.

You arrange cucumber, crab , egg and sausage at the bottom on seaweed. Make sure the carrot slice is in the middle to avoid  a messy Kim Bap.
Tips: we need to separate the rice evenly before we compress it on the seaweed and roll it.
Madam Shin also allow us to try rolling the Kim Bap. That was fun , i will try to cook this in the future.

If any of u interested to join one of this class ( different recipe each time) don't forget to always check KTO facebook page. The class is held at Korea Plaza, KL.
They also has just launch KKC - Kaki Korea club on their website,  come and join the club. There is a lot of activities eg this cooking class , benefit and chance of freebies plus it is FREE !!
Click HERE to join as Kaki Korea.

Banyak faedah jadi Kaki Korea ni.

I joined the first day and i win their lucky draw. Wohoo !! 
Spoon & Chopsticks Gift Set
Thank you KTO Malaysia.

[Buzz Korea] Win Ticket : Taste of Korea & Quiz on Korea

Taste of Korea

Another chance to get a free ticket to South Korea and showcase your hidden culinary skills.
The final will be broadcast at MBC should your selected to represent Malaysia.
Korean Embassy in Malaysia is organising "Taste of Korea" Competition.
For other country , please check with your country KTO or Embassy.
Yup a chance in a lifetime !

The main theme is Japchae / glass noodle. They will also provide the ingredients. 
I would like to enter it but I'm not a good cook. 
If there is anyone who needs help to review their dish, hey I'm here. Lol i can be your taster.
Anyway hurry up and register by 14 May 2014 . The competition will be held at UCSI
on 18 May .  Click HERE for more info on the competition.
We can also come as the audience.

Somehow this competition reminds me of Happy Together Late Night Cafe...lol
I cant recall who but someone creatively replace noodle dish with japchae to create a simple late snack.Maybe a fusion food will be a winning entry ?

Japchae original dish

Friday, 2 May 2014

Airport Tax refund . Air Asia and Tiger Air

I miss my flight the other day so im checking whether im entitle to get the airport tax refund.

My flight is Tiger Air . What i found in their faq :

Refunds and cancellations

"Tigerair operates a no refund policy and as such it is unable to refund any tickets (fares and charges) where the passenger decides they no longer have a requirement to fly or is unable to travel, as a result of any change in personal circumstances, including but not limited to medical grounds. Individual or Personal Travel Insurance is recommended for all passengers to cover such cancellations.
Should a passenger decide they no longer wish to travel they are entitled to apply for a refund of the Government Passenger Services Tax and other government taxes paid. However, Tigerair will apply a S$50.00 or A$50.00 (for Australia domestic flights) administration fee (or local equivalent) per passenger per sector to cover the cost of processing and bank charges for each tax refund request.
In the event of the death of a passenger prior to the scheduled departure time of their flight. Tigerair will refund the reservation following receipt of a copy of the death certificate"

Hmm ok my passanger service charge is RM32 but if i request to refund i have to pay $50 dollar... to process it ? make no sense right ??? takpela charity jelah...

Howabout AirAsia ?

Is airport tax refundable?
In line with industry practice, Airport Tax will only be refunded when contacted by the guest. To request for a refund, the guest should send an email to AirportTaxRefund@airasia.com. You will receive an acknowledgment within 15 working days. All Airport Tax refunds shall be subjected to a Processing Fee specified in AirAsia's Fee Schedule.
I think u can also request refund via AA eform.
Handling fee of refund (Kul to Singapore ) is rm15 ...so if i board Air Asia ,im entitle of ( Rm32-RM15) = Rm17
Still okay boleh beli starbucks grande frappucino. lol..so AA win over Tiger Air on this onelah.
but whatever it is i will make sure i wont miss my flight again. ....insaf mode

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Buzz Korea : KTO Korea Tourism Organization n win free ticket to Korea

If you are a FIT - Free Independet Traveller , KTO office is a MUST place to visit to get all your travel information. Well u need not to be fit as a "fit"...ok not funny...look at me, im weak but i still survive the subway stair !!  (just bring few koyok)

Anyway KTO Malaysia has just launch their new website :  http://www.visitkorea.com.my/
We can join as "Kaki Korea"
They also organize a new contest which we can win free flight tickets !
Syok Syok Syok jom join

You can also collect the Gyeonggi coupon book for depature from May 2014 to March 2015 at the KTO office.
If it is far from your place, u can print it  here :  Gyeonggi Coupon Book

I just attended the kpop n kdrama workshop. It is free of charge n u will get a goodie bag !If u are lucky u may win something from the lucky draw.
inside my goodiebag -travel guide book n calendar

and they also give u free delicious Korean cuisine .
Yummy ! Sedap sehingga tambah berkali-kali (kalau semua orang dah ambillah)

Kimbap,ddobokki,japchae,kimchi n pajeon hiding

They are having a cooking class next week, hmm i think i want to register ..hahaha yup yup i live to eat lol..

It is also a good thing if you buy your ticket during Matta fair or any travel fair with KTO. Last time i got this:
Jeju fridge magnet,  T-money with 5000W  and many more from KTO

They also promoting ticket to Busan now via Air Asia...yeah i will go to Busan someday. Im looking forward to the Korea Santorini village and eat live squid!!... err maybe not..but i will their fresh from sea crab!!plus Busan is home of Wooyoung,Yonghwa n Jonghyun ...kkk.


LCCT will be shut down and all airlines at LCCT will going to move to KLIA 2 . KLIA2 going to be open on 2nd May. However the main user - AirAsia going to move there on 9th May.
I went to their open day just to check it out.it is sooo large ...so more  time need to board.

Klia website :http://www.klia2.info/

my boarding pass
 it is a long q, yeah everyone excited.... u have to show your boarding pass,undergo security same as the normal routine when u board any flight.
The plane here is replace by the bus...so it is funny when they take us to runway 3 and ask us to imagine we are in plane...lol but it is good effort ...

The advantages of KLiA2 / Kelebihan KLIA2 in comparison to lcct
  • they have travelator / ada travelator takde la penat2 jalan sangat 

  • aerobridge /takyah pakai payung kalau hujan dah terus dari terminal masuk kapal terbang...but they explain this as an option so not sure if every airline want to use it..but they explain the cost is 0.25 per person.

  • the concept is airport in the mall .they have so many shops/ makanye banyakle bole buat sementara kill time...window shopping
  • klia n klia2 is parallel to each other- u can transfer to klia2 via erl from klia  / takyah naik bas rm2 dah nak transfer2 dari klia
  • erl direct to klia2 /takyah naik bas transfer dr salak selatan. 
f n b


The skybridge separate between domestic and international terminal. airplane fit to go under the bridge/ sebab itula eksklator tu tinggi, bagi kapal terbang lalu bawah jambatan

Singapore. Wooyoung Wedding Trip~ n lesson learnt

yeay back to Singapore  for Jang Woo Young wedding....hahaha
since im not doin anything lets just crash the wedding...its WY n Se Young  virtual marriage in WGM .
Since i travel a lot so i may become complacent on travelling...guess what?? i miss my kul- sin flight !!
hahahaha padan muka....i miss only few minutes but the flight require counter check in and they already close the counter when i arrive at LCCT....i bought the next flight tix which the fare is double the flight that i miss...

Lesson learnt -
  • the 3 hours before depature rules for oversea is inclusive singapore ( altho dekat sangatkan) n whateva need  counter check in
  • mesti tido awal- supaya esoknya tak lmbt, dan otak pun takde buat bad decision
  • dont assume lol - sebab park keta kat putrajaya pastu lupa plak erl tu mestila ada jadual sendiri kan bukannye setiap 5 minit ada, kan ke terlambat. 
Anyway i only bring 50sgd (balance from previous trip)  n my ezlink still has balance. manage to reach MBS half an hour before wedding, so glad they let the public watch the wedding ceremony.
WY m SY is looking so handsome and beautiful. WY 's English is to die for~ melt...he's always my Jason
Manage to give SY some gift..hehe i also has one for WY but he always surround by fan or the crew. WY keep saying its hot here...hahaha coz u r a hottie WY!!
WY also dance to SY ...u can see this in the Wgm soon.
The fact that they allow us to take photo is amazing enough!
the venue -garden by the bays

Some fancam from me lol

Altho it is a wedding ceremony but the guest has to carik their own food...lol. went to mbs foodcourt with Tesh and i spent 7sgd for nasi campur.

Anyway  i also went to my favorite place in SG , coz there is no Magnum Pleasure store in KL n i want to taste  the chilli flakes icecream...
They change the venue to NX Mall ( till 30 April i think) oh btw Happy Birthday 0430yes!!
sambung cerita ~my choice of coating - chilli , dry flower
The staff also warn me, it will be a spicy one..but its ok coz the ice cream is sweet so u will has this unique flavor mix in your mouth...try it if u curious ..tehee.

back to the airport n spend the night there...i use data roaming coz it is cap for certain kilobyte for rm38/day but u need to manual select to 1 operator in sg. At airport, u can get the wifi password from the info counter.
Spend my time at 24hr mcd ...
fyi the prayer room is inside the terminal ( lepas immigration) alternatifnya bolehla solat di baby room. Ada sink dalam tu sekali.