Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Busan in one day Part 2 / Gamcheon Village ( with 2PM as guide)

 8am -Gamcheon Village is a must visit in Busan. It is so colourful and serene. It is also feature in Running Man with Choi Ji Woo ,
From Busan station exit at Toseong station to go to Gamcheon village (orange line )
In busan , i use Jihachul apps for the subway reference . This apps is the best as u can use the same apps for Seoul subway. U just need to change the setting to Seoul when u are in Seoul . You can know the time, transfer and fare for each station. Oh you can also use T-money here if your T-money still has balance (but i read  u cant top up your T-money in Busan) as Busan has their own transportation card.

You need to cross the street after exit 6 and wait for bus no 2 or 2-2 in front of  the Cancer Hospital. For this mini bus i tap my T-money  coz i don't have small change. The bus stop is in front of school , i dont count the stop but u def will recognise Gamcheon village when u see it.

They have the visitor office where u can pick  map and info but the office is open at 9am ..we arrive around 8:30...hahaha its ok we just refer to the map outside the office.


2pm visited here too ...ngee. They also went to book cafe.

eh eh same spot as Khun lol
yes it is

book cafe

wooyoung wrote this
it is here at the counter !

n junho

it is still there

you can write your own post it too

i went back to the bus stop at 10:50am pm as i need to go to Incheon  via KTX at 12noon
This village is so beautiful and the villagers  is nice too. They try to communicate us with us eventho they cant speak english.
bye busan
here is the recap of 2PM  video visit to Gamcheon, but I'm not sure if u can view it via mobile. To Woo , Khun and Junho i did have fun in Gamcheon  ^^

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