Monday, 6 October 2014

Fan sign Process in Korea / 2PM fansign Galleria

Fan sign is one of the best option where you can talk and get a signature from your favourite idol. They will write your name too precious !!
One of my fan girl mission before i can fully retire is to attend a fan sign. 2PM fansign.
Well let me just share my experience with 2PM fansign in Seoul.

1. Aannouncement of fansign event.
They will announce it in fan cafe.Thank god jype already translate the notice in English !! lol
Please note that for fan sign , no matter if it is album fan sign, product endorsement  you need to buy CD / product 2,3 day ahead before fansign day at a specific store. so arriving in Seoul on the same day of the fansign is a no no no.

2. Buy Cd at selected store 
 This is the catch...since it is base on draw ( only 100 pax) is buying 1 cd enough ? 2PM is famous so the competition is high. When we walk to the store ( we went on last day of purchase) all hottest face is like having a world many...? * for rookie group the fan sign might be easier eg..the rules usually first 100 who buy the cd at store*

at the Yp book & music store in Jonggak

posters and  cds on the counter already

well i can only buy 5cds,  you need to fill in your  name,email or phone number.They will list your name on the website/ contact you if you are selected

my number and the website for the draw result

3. Check the draw result 
The store will display the name of the lucky buyer  who get to attend the fansign  on their website ( 1 day b4 event) hmmm so i fail.....but this event is public fansign so i can still be... the audience ....



The lucky hottest can chat and give them present during the fansign. I stand beside a khottest ( Jun. K fan) forgot to ask her name, she is a programmer...her friend manage to get into the fan sign so i ask her help to pass my gift to Khun.  Her friend ( Junho fan) agree to help me... she pass and point to my side. Khun stand and wave at my side with the gift ...huuu thanks. Both khottest is also so sweet. Thank you. Nomu nomu kamsahamnida.

Chansung  received a beautiful flower head wreath? and he willing to wear it like a Greek god.^^My friend,, Jae also able to have one to one conversation with Taec. ( lol taec talk with mic at the stage but she have to yell to answer Taec) The advantage of public fansign you  also can get their attention lol.
All of the lucky hottest for the fansign also received drinks from 2PM. My oppar is jjang !

so when will i ever get to be one of winner ??/ hmmm 

myfancam now 2PM is on the Kstar road celeb

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