Saturday, 11 October 2014

JHolic Cafe / Jaejoong JYJ cafe

TVXQ is of the main hallyu pioneer. My friend, Jae  brought me here coz they are the reason she listen to kpop. Well im a late boomer, im the second gen ,my factor for kpop will be WG and SJ.

The Jholic cafe is own by Jaejoong, it is located at Myeongdong. It is impressive it is decorated with modern art style, the color is vibrant,  so beautiful.

nice word

this level is for smokers..

toilet has their own name lol

fan art
This will be the most exclusive and creative !! You will get JJ signature when u purchase any drink !!

How do i get here...? Myeongdong subway exit   7 . Walk pass by uniqlo and turn left  at Dunkin Donut,
turn right when u see Tommy Hilfiger and just search for the Jholic sign ( the first photo) . it is on 3 and 4th floor. the bottom floor is Mag Mag

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