Monday, 6 October 2014

Busan in one day !

I arrived in Busan at 4pm and went to Seoul 12 noon the next it is actually less than 24 hours ??
I refer my friend post about Busan  before i went here. I know i want to go to Gwanggali beach

This is how i spent my less 24 hour in Busan...home of 2PM 's  Jang Woo Young , Yonghwa and Jonghyun of  CNBLUE


I also read from Miss Shoo  book about illuso cafe where Song Hye Gyo film her last scene in That Winter The Wind Blow. the cafe scene with a lot of cherry blossom...hmm but no the road of cherry blossom tree is not beside the cafe..they shoot it at different location. We put our baggage at 2nd floor and take Busan subway ( it is the same line with airport) after that we need to take taxi...but ahjussi dont want to take us there lol coz he kept on saying is a Little bit far indeed, so he might don't believe us the foreigner wanna go there. The next taxi driver willing to drive us there.

amazing cafe view

urm that almost autumn the wind blow

8pm - back to airport ,take our luggage and , choose bus instead to Nampo (our guesthouse) coz our luggage is heavy and subway we need to do a lot of transfer . Driver ahjussi really send us to nearest location to our guesthouse. thank you ^^
Nampo is consider as similar to Myeongdong in Seoul. You can go to Biff  location and Jagalchi market just by walking,
9pm -
nampo - a lot of cafe here
U must eat seafood in Busan !!
u can just walk fr Nampo to jagalchi
Lets Mogo....machisso..mogo..coz the market is close at 10pm but we can still eat at nearby restaurant

Aini, Timah , syafa and i spent 10kw per person we get all the seafood  + live squid. this restaurant is just in front of the market

tada live squid... i only eat one just to experience it. well it is chewy lol
next 11pm - im suppose to go to Gwanggali and Haundae ( both are in same line) but the subway close at 12pm so we only go to Gwanggali Beach via subway. we take a cab back to is around 9000w

diamond bridge
the bridge led is also close at 1am at the same time we went back to Nampo.

7am the next day - rise and shine everybody . Went to Busan station to get my KTX ticket. You can also apply for KR pass ( it is a saver if you need a return tix )  mine is standard  one way ticket straight to Incheon Airport. If you are heading to seoul, choose Seoul station  instead. Busan station is only 2 station from nampo..the only prob is the KTX station is upstair so u have to drag your bag thru stair.

This station always appear in running man. I cant remember which episode but there is a mission where Kwang Soo and Sukjin need to take photo in front of this station.I put my luggage at the locker before heading to Gamcheon village first.

this one has escalator but the normal train did not huhu transfer fr underground to ktx

Locker is only 3000w . They have instruction in english and the locker is using your thumb print to lock. think they speak satoori they are they are is more relax and they are friendly here.

i can fit my backpack and small trolley bag here for 3000w

Gamcheon village to be next post.

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