Monday, 6 October 2014

What time is it ? It's 2PM . My 2PM comeback experience

I bought AAx ticket to Busan early 2014 just because i have not been to  Busan yet ....n there is Incheon games but suddenly my fav group announce they gonna drop a new album and im goin to be in Korea within their promo here is just some of my experience ( one week in Korea)

2PM latest album :  미친거아니야  / GO Crazy
Produced by Jun. K
Here is their latest mv :

 I even create a fan girl instagram lol...if anyone wanna see : instagram id : goodgirlgotravel

 21 Sept - went to Jang Woo Young hometown - Busan !!!
 22 Sept - Kpop expo , Incheon.  I went here direct from Busan via KTX to incheon airport.
 Jae and i  met Junho kfan , they ask us to guard their seat and even give us cookies as reward lol. So nice.
 2PM performed Go Crazy , Hot , 10 out of 10 , Hands Up

they have fansign afterwards but only for  special package buyer
23 Sept - went to JYP office lol

2PM panel is up
Afternoon went to Arirang station- coz Khun , Woo and CS is gonna appear in Asc. I just try my luck lol like maybe i can see them at the lobby...
yes i did see them and Khun wave back at me..

Buy cds for their fansign ( previous post)

24 Sept - went to Junho hometown !! Ilsan
Jae bring us to La Festa ! Junho and Doojoon from Beast mention LaFesta in their tweet convo..Junho yah noona did eat lunch here. You jealous ?? lol


Evening Okcat Pop Up store

Bought myself an okcat earphone

Dinner - Ace Pizza

25 Sept - M-countdown
Jae, rumy and i preregistered ourself at fancafe.We made it to preregister list. we prepared ourselves to be 2nd priority..priority is to Gold Hottest, i am Silver. We need to bring our Go Crazy cd, lighstick, headband, melon download print paper,n our silver card. well u just need to q according to number in the preregister list. After that just listen to the fanstaff.

happy lol  got my go crazy book

exchange photo we got from fanstaff among hottest
but since the stage pd restrict the number even it is last day of go crazy stage...we dont get went straight to fansign venue at Galleria ( previous post)
my gift to mickey khun
26 sept - q for Mubank  prerecording...urm but still dont get its ok. I think for 1st week promo there will be a lot of prerecording which will be more chances to get in , instead of last week promo like mine.
Night -2pm private fansign - Myeongdong
ofcourse Ceo gonna visit his store right ? so i just wait infront of the store.

27 - Sky festival (mucore)
Jae get a ticket for me and since i am hottest silver i got to change it to bettter seat. Tq . So i finally get in to a music show lol

n that is how i spend my week with 2PM in Seoul.
Jun. k , Khun , Taec , Woo , Junho , Chansung it is  hectic but it also great week for me. Thank you.

 oh i also walk along towards Galleria to The Mins cafe and im so happy to see this

n oppar still here with their old clothes at apgujeong rodeo station

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