Thursday, 9 October 2014

SM Building , Kyuhyun Mom House & Cafe , Exo goods .All SM Related

I finally step my foot at the new SM Building lol . The funny thing is i went to FNC last year...and i just realise SM is so close to FNC. i just need to walk further.

Yes i found you.

The famous playground opposite the road

Old SM Building.

Super Junior Mamacita display with Tatiseo at the side.

i love the tree is blending with Kyu hair

Oh i saw this at apgujeong rodeo  for Lee Teuk birthday

 Kyuhyun Mom House and Deete Cafe
 It is located at Myeongdong. It is behind the Prince Hotel (you can see that hotel when u exit Myeongdong subway with the big Uniqlo ) exit 6,7
 I saw Kyu's mom when i was there. I only went to the cafe and order toast for dinner .

downstair is full of kyu fan gift
When i come to visit the rooftop is still not open . i read that you can insert your letter to Kyu mailbox and he will check it every week.

anyone who want to reserve a room can visit their website ( tolong bakal family ) hahaha. Mom i just promote this can i get a free room ( lol )

Donghae Restaurant -  Grill5 taco
It is located at apgujeong rodeo exit 4  and next to Butter Fingers Pancake. I notice this because i eat breakfast at Butter Fingers pancake hehe. so i just took this photo.

SM Store at Lotte Young Plaza basement Myeongdong which is full of Exo goods and other SM artiste.



Gangnam Tourist centre featuring SM artiste.
This centre is located at Apgujeong subway.
They have
 exo palm print and when i come to visit they have the Super Junior M set for Breakdown


  1. U are so lucky.. thank for all this.. hoping more (please!!!)
    Saranghae.. fighting!!!

    1. jasmine ..i just save up and aim to go to seoul for this.. you can do it too ....i think you are SM fan right ? here is another sm post hehe