Monday, 13 October 2014

My Love From Another Star Set at Kintex

Yeay finally i got to visit the set after their extend the exhibition and shift from Dongdaemun Plaza to Kintex.
Kintex is located at Ilsan. It is about 1 hour from Euljiro Sam ga station.  The station to go to Kintex is Daehwa.
You can walk from Daehwa exit 2 to Kintex but for this SBS special exhibit they provide shuttle bus/ van.
We saw the sign for shuttle but there is no van so we just walk to Kintex.They have traveletor dont worry.
It is a hall outside Kintex 2. You have to purchase the ticket inside Kintex 2 counter.
Kintex exhibition is till 31 August 2015. They have the discount ticket for 12,000. I print coupon from SBS website but when i was there it already stated special 12,000 w. * maybe because we come on the first month after it was relaunch at Kintex.*

anyway here is the link for the coupon and info from sbs. the coupon is in the hangul website (its ok just scroll at the bottom until u see 20% ) for info u can choose the English version

Once you enter they have a fanzone which u can take photo  w Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon image  (cgi) and print it for another 3000w. Just some tips lol ...we end up take photo with library background.But the real library is there so u dont need cgi. I just save u some 3000w ...huhu.

the elavator

err they have barrier so you cant go in any further.

u cant sit at the couch too lol

Do Min Joon shhi

the library - u can sit at the chair only . There is photographer willing to take your photo (later u decide to buy or not) and he will also willing to help take photo using your camera.
the comic book store - yup seho used to sit there LOL
You can also take  a photo slice as if u are flying (using Manager Do super power) they will email the video to you for 6k Won

the original dress

They also have the balcony , so for another 3000w they will add cgi and u will received the print photo. Of course they will preview it first and then u can decide to print it or not.

at the end of the exhibit there is souvenir if u want to buy one. they also sell chi maek.chicken and beer there lol.

oh and at the entrance  of Kintex 2 hall u will also meet Samdong (pre Do Min Joon) hehe. Well it is related since Go Hyemi is in the drama too,

but for this photo imma gonna hold Jason hand hehe
We went back to the station using the shuttle . One of the SBS nice english speaking staff  call the driver for us. The van is almost similar with Cheon Song Yi van in the drama.

the shuttle location

It is really fun for a drama fan like me .I hope they will win couple award at this year Sbs Drama Award!


  1. Hi, may i know how to get the discount coupon? I'm on the website you stated but there're no any sign of 20% discount..

  2. Hi, may i know how to get the discount coupon? I'm on the website you stated but there're no any sign of 20% discount..

    1. hi as i checked no more 20% at the moment only 10% discount . Scroll down and you can see 10%

  3. May I know how much did you pay for the shuttle bus?

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