Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Superstar Topokki (super hero theme) & Real Got7 Location

This is a super hero theme restaurant . You will see a lot of item featuring our super hero Iron Man,  Spider Man , Hulk , Superman, etc.

My favourite will be Iron Man ...idk i just like his wit (his sarcastic line is the best) n genius  hmm or maybe i like Stark more..LOL  . Avengers will be so boring n weak without Iron Man ( so bias)

The restaurant was also the location for Real Got7 ( my favourite too) .
The location is just next at  *whisper JYP * training centre.

tv is showing avengers.

The food :
As in the restaurant name they serve Topokki. I guess they really target foreigner as the order form is in english ! U  rarely get to see menu in english in Seoul.
We choose the soy sauce one and add fishcakes coz i dont want it to be so spicy. Usually in my country we only eat 1 type of Topokki - the red one. So when we received our topokki, ehhh why there is no color lol .maybe i should choose the original topokki

Dont forget to ask the staff for apron. We even request our favourite. Of course it will be Iron Man for me(ehem Mark wears it in real got7  but that is 2nd reason kk) . While Jae choose Spider man.

Recap real got7 - masterchef

opps sorry BamBam

me n my imaginary fire. using it to cook my topokki

The signatures- Got7, Jimin 15& , Bernard Park

Since it is just next to JYP training u might even eat with the trainee. But beside the 5live and 6mix who get some media exposure i wont recognise anyone. but the thing is ,I'm too focus in eating the topokki and the super hero things here  i dont even look at other table. lol

How to get here . It will be no prob for Jype artiste fan.
For super hero fan :
Subway : Cheongdam exit 9 walk straight  past the shoplots (including De Chocolate Coffee ) turn right at the first corner which is not going up hill.

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