Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Seolbing Cafe

This cafe is famous for its Bingsu. The must try one will be Cheese Bingsu (9000won)
I knew bout this store also from budgetkorea blog.

I went to Myeongdong branch. This one is near Red Sun restaurant ( walk pass by uniqlo, turn left at dunkin donut)
They have 2 branches in Myeongdong and lots more in Seoul. 

this is awesome
Cheese lover should try this.! omg im craving one now.
Few days after i went back to KL. Jonghyun from CNBlue open his own Seolbing Silim
too late...

Update Dec  : manage to go to Jonghyun sulbing at silim
Jan :  i still craving  cheese base bingsu OTL
mango cheese..yummy yummy

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