Monday, 13 October 2014

Key East Entertainment ( Kim Soo Hyun Agency)

the office is inside American Standard Building

level 6

outside the office there is a card tree
 They provide cards outside so u can leave message to any Key East Entertainment artiste.
Ofcourse mine will be Kim Soo Hyun !

Im using naver map to go to Key east entertainment. The nearest station is Samsung exit 8 (still 1km lol).We try to take taxi but the driver said we decide to walk. I install Daum map before but it is really hard to locate "my location" with my limited hangul . I have no prob to detect "my location" with Naver.  

You just need to copy the address to Naver . 
서울시 강남구 삼성동 110-1 아메리칸 스탠다드 빌딩 6층 .

 Other artise under Key East is Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyun Woo


  1. That's what i looking for, thankyou that's so valuable information i really want to go there and leave message for park seo joon :)

    1. Hwaiting ..yes he is hot now ..cant believe he is the same person who act in dream high2 lol

  2. Omg, are we allowed to come to that building?

    Actually i went there when i was in seoul few months ago. But i just took a pict in front of building and walked bye :'( i was sooo late tp read this post :'(

    Fyi, there is Bogeunsa Station which closer than Samsung station>,<

    1. I dont know why but we just bravely go to the elevator select the level which display Key East. But yeah you can leave message there...bte thank you for the info on the subway station.P/s if you know how to go Blossom Ent please gimme the into Joongki and Bogum this days lol..but Soo Hyun is still in my heart

    2. Hope i can go there again next year and leave a message to the kstar🙈🙈

      Hmm actually i went to the blossom ent but it was the old building. So if u want to go to the new building of blossom ent. i suggest u to find the address on their website and paste the address on and it will show up the map of the location and the closer subway from there. I did it like that when i got lost while looked for kingkong ent and it worked. I finally found the kingkong ent. with that way.😅

    3. Ah just want you to know that the old building of blossom ent was really close with keyeast ent it just about 15m after keyeast ent😅😅

  3. Hopely keyeast ent still at the same adress for this years or next years #hope