Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Digital Media City / Running Man Location

I read that DMC  is also one of Avengers 2 location.  It does represent a futuristic aspect of Seoul. We can check it out after Avengers 2 premiere.
New MBC Building, CJ  E & M Center  ( for M-countdown)  and the SBS Prism Tower in one place.

SBS Prism is always  one of mission place for Running Man. The most memorable for me is running man  episode 195 the one with 2PM and  2NE1.  They need to complete one round of mission and the last runner need to go inside pd room and hand the MV tape . Of course the last runner is Nichkhun and 2PM won in that mission.  The prize for that round is their  MV goin to be play at the large screen for the whole day.

the screen which  play 2pm Adtoy in episode 195

I saw some new idol recording something

Station : Digital Media City via arex exit 9

Update Dec 2014 :this time i went to MBC for Music Core. so cold.....There is YTN building here look similar to YGN in the Pinnochio drama  so yeah i think it is the location

There are hallyu start  palm print infront of MBC. But i only capture this one : CNBlue Yonghwa

They are in midst clearing the snow

 special event - Minho Shinee Birthday cart

minho birthday fan cart

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