Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ace Pizza

2pm and got7 fan will recognise this place as they mention about it in Twitter. 
You can create your own pizza and choose the ingredients you want. i came with fellow hottest Jae & Rummy

It is the best for meat lover. All the  basic ingredients is beef. Unfortunately they don't have seafood. Jae and i  request to remove the beef so our flavour is only cheese ,vegie and tomato. It is delicious.whateva with cheese is delicious for me ahaha.
The environment is nice and relax. They play Neyo song when i was there.

You can see the chef prepare your pizza
opp sorry chef i dont capture your face

the signatures

They also promote Go Crazy and put it on their counter. That what friends are for help promote each other.kk or who knows maybe one of the member come for dinner if u go and eat at Ace Pizza . That will be a bonus.

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