Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Three Musketeers - Jun. K n Yenny

Yeay manage to watch live musical in Seoul. Yep yep it is in Hangul but if u already watch 3 Musketeers before this u wouldn't have any problem to understand the story line.

Bought online ticket for  14 mac 2013 4pm ( coz i afraid i will lost) although there is another show at 8pm.
Coincidentally it is also  white day huhu..but no candy whatsoever.

We arrive at 2pm and exchange our tickets around 3pm, Manage to eat some luxury meal (around 16000 w - risotto in one of the restaurant at the art hall (the menu is in English so it easier for us)

We met Taiwan Hottest, Singapore Hottest and most in the hall is J- hottest.. most of them wears Junkay No love Hoodie. It is no surprise since they provide subtitles in Japanese .

I hope they could provide 1 day with english subs - think so many south east asian will flock in...heh we will flock in even without subs... keke

The moment Junkay appear wah  i cant describe the feeling !! he is so good .. Yenny too! Felt so proud.  By the way no camera is allow during musical but u can take it during the curtain fall. oh there is a special seat where u can have skinship with Junkay.. it is in the middle, i cant remember the seat but everyone said it is the same seat in every show.It is some test before Artagnan can join the musketeer There are also  kiss scene and Junkay and yenny look cosy with each other..hmmmm (haha they cover it by their hat)

Anyway the musical is worth it #biasmuch ! You will also familiar with the song as it is the similar melody from Bryan Adam , Rod Stewart and Sting - All For love.. the musical version of course is in Hangul.
pretty yenny

Jun. K and that Agd guy ..yooni oppa

You can buy special merchandise but they dont accept credit card ~cash only . Among the merchandise are  poster, mug , key charm,and tumbler with signature. Bought 2 key charm for myself and my sis who is Jun. K stan .  i also write some placard but not sure Junkay see it as i was busy taking but i did shout Jun. K name before he - D'Artagnan said the final line to his father.I think he heard me  other people lol ..he is all smile :)

official merch

 If u r lucky, celebrity who is the actor friend might come n watch the musical too.. eg on 17 march Taec n Junho watched the musical sobs sobs hee.

here is my first n shaky, short video :

Anyone  all for one, one for all !!

The Artagnan role also play by 2am changmin , Super Junior Kyuhyun .

here is photo guide that can be use for i am hottest and elf keke..
in order to arrive to Chungmu Art Hall .

1. Subway station -Shindang station exit no 9

once exit go straight ( dont cross road) and by few minutes u will see this building

other info :
ticket website :
schedule :

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Seoul aku dtg lagi

Thanks to Dato Tony  random lucky gift, I'm the lucky one to get the 0 fare tix to Seoul. bayar tax je rm120 ..takkan dpt kali kedua dah..Im very grateful, i never thought i will come my findings less than a year there is new station call apgujeong rodeo..the 4 seasons house if open this time .

But since there is limit of time to redeem this ticket(heol org dah bagi free takkan nak demand plak) so i just choose March ( actually i want to wait till 2PM comeback so i can go to all fansign , music show) but till Feb still no announcement. Jun. K is in musical so this is quite perfect time.. 1/6 member jadikla :)

the weather it is still between -1 to 8 Celsius with no snow. Snow is beautiful i once experience snow im so south east Asian i cant stand coldness, slimy , wet feeling it is quite perfect for me only need 2 layer oklah!

i speak more hangul and taste more ori korea food this time...unfortunately  my  Teacher which i met last time in Seoul is outstation so i cant ask him to treat me lol.. but its ok i don't want to trouble him
the banner at the back said Jakim auditor..sama plak time datang

White rice available at  7e or GS25.. u can just heat it using microwave or rice cooker..makan ngan serunding sedap n jimat !!

Btw this time stay at Malaysia guest house Itaewon selesa tp kena mendaki gunung..haha around 8 minutes to 2 nearest subway . but okla contonhnya ni siap dah ader kiblat dah

sempat gak makan bibimbap - 5000 w area eljiro - jonggak

i dont think i will come back again..but who knows..

hmm apart from that i also experience white takder saper nak bg chocs..
white day
 tp takper ader gak khun moment on 13/3 ..huhu

Oh since i got cheap flight ticket so i decided to stay few days at hotel. I choose ibis gangnam.
It is 10 minutes fr subway but okla still comfortable

Coex is also 10 minutes away

While we were in coex , there is Samsung exhibit so we manage to get free cotton candy

There is also everysing here
bought some Dream High post - it there :)

Other item available :

Friday, 29 March 2013

Cafe Series 1. Mango Six ~ A Gentleman Dignity , L7CS, The Heirs

I really want to visit this cafe once i watched AGD. The f44 always hangout here because Jung Rok owns this cafe. I also remember Yoon order something with mango mix which makes me want to come here and check the drink menu by myself.

The memorable scene ofcourse the first encounter of Do Jin ( Jang Dong Gun ) and Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul and  kiss the window scene. Huhu
It also matter to me that Collin was here (CNBLUE  's Jonghyun) .


do jin and yi soo spot

remember f44 sitting here?

If u remember, blue lemonade is the frequent drink in AGD:)
but i kinda dont like the coz i like fruit juice more

 I ordered mango banana!! keke while Jed order  Mango Strawberry. OMG the mango banana is sooooo delicious !!!

 They also has their own magazine and look who is on da cover ?? Woo Bin (who also act in AGD)

The highlight promo is involves  strawberry beverages  and current drama their sponsoring is Level Seven Civil Servant ( L7CS) which Chansung from 2PM co star (alongside Joo Won and Choi Kang hee

 mango six monkey is feature in  drama


After i come back from Seoul, Chansung has scene at Mango Six.argh stressue!!(like only 2 days after i went back). It is  Ep 18 .   see ??the blue lemonade is still popular.. and i believe Do Ha is drinking mango banana!!


Direction :
From Seoul facebook : Hakdong Station Subway line 7 exit 10 .Go straight and turn left at the first big intersection.Around 10 minutes . Across Nanuri hospital.
Other blog that helps me is :
My experience : once u near the cafe u will realise it is located downhill.
The exact Agd location is here Nonhyeon-dong 97, Seoul, South Korea. There is another branch nearby  towards Sinsa station -Gangnam branch .I think is the location where Chansung shoot his scene. We across the intersection in front of Mango six and walks toward Sinsa station and find this branch

Thirsty traveller report card:
Drink : Mango banana 5,900 won ~ rating - 4/5 def my favorite
            Mango strawberry 5900 won - rating okla 3/5
            Blue Lemonade  5,500 okla 3/5
I wish to try : strawberry latte (but im full already) 

my instict said chanana shoots here

some photo guide

1.Hakdong exit 10. walk straight. until large intersection

turn left

turn left after u cross the intersection( u will see Gold Time).keep on walking till u see nanuri (it is in hangul btw) . U have arrive to your destination
saw bus stop in da middle maybe u can take bus and stop here

nanuri hospital (across is mango six)

Going back : We find a bus stop along the way and we just ride the bus to any of subway station. yes  we can go back to hakdong station or explore sinsa but we kinda addicted to just take a bus rather than walking..hehe

Updated info June 2013: alternative subway to go to this mango six (by walking).
1. Apgujeong rodeo - bundang line -  exit 5
2. Walk straight till u see LG building , turn right .
3. You will walk pass by CGV - across to the other side (HS building ) -poster with seminekid guy lol ( CS Gym )
4.Just walk to end of road , mango six will be at your left side (at intersection)

In my opinion both subway has the same distance .

To reminisce some agd  here is fanmade  Jonghyun - My love ( sorry chanana but this is the exact branch for Agd) Hi Collin !! Do note Mango Six in the video and the blue lemonade !

By the way  NTV7 (Malaysia ) will showing "A gentleman Dignity" ( AGD) every Monday and Tuesday  8:30 pm  starting 1st April.

 I hope someone gonna open a Mango Six Cafe franchise here in Malaysia. :) We have a lots of Mango !!

Im watching the heirs / inheritor now... Park Shin Hye / Cha Eun Sang works part time at Mango Six.... in ep 7 she treats Banana Mango to Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Woo Bin... ah i want one!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Dream High location - Kirin Art School

Last year i plan to go to this Dream High location located at Incheon , but we don't have enough time. Lucky i went to Seoul again .I search and read littlemisshoo blog regarding this location before this. She even made a book "travel to korea in kpop/kdrama style " Thank you

Some preview story,we went to Incheon airport to welcome 2pm . They were suppose to comeback from Jakarta but we dont see any glance of them since they immediately transfer flight to Japan.sob sobs. As we already at Incheon, we decide to heal our wound (chewah ) by going to this Dream High location.

The real name of the building is Incheon Art Platform. You can do parody of your favourite scene here. Both Dream High 1 and Dream High 2 is featuring this building. You can  be Ko Hyemi , Jingguk,  Samdong, Jason-Is it my turn already ? or JB , Yoojin for a day or just normal Kirin student. lol.

maybe this is where Jason practice his dance ?

parody 1

parody2 ~sort of
parody 3 muahaha

Via subway : Incheon Station Line 1
 Guide :  1.Cross the street  after exit and u will see this.(Chinatown)
2. to the right the right
keep on walking

3. tada - Incheon Art Platform

map :

of course it will feature some abstract art ...

let see some Jason (wooyoung cut) ...

i miss this all the songs feature in this kdrama..