Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Digital Media City / Running Man Location

I read that DMC  is also one of Avengers 2 location.  It does represent a futuristic aspect of Seoul. We can check it out after Avengers 2 premiere.
New MBC Building, CJ  E & M Center  ( for M-countdown)  and the SBS Prism Tower in one place.

SBS Prism is always  one of mission place for Running Man. The most memorable for me is running man  episode 195 the one with 2PM and  2NE1.  They need to complete one round of mission and the last runner need to go inside pd room and hand the MV tape . Of course the last runner is Nichkhun and 2PM won in that mission.  The prize for that round is their  MV goin to be play at the large screen for the whole day.

the screen which  play 2pm Adtoy in episode 195

I saw some new idol recording something

Station : Digital Media City via arex exit 9

Update Dec 2014 :this time i went to MBC for Music Core. so cold.....There is YTN building here look similar to YGN in the Pinnochio drama  so yeah i think it is the location

There are hallyu start  palm print infront of MBC. But i only capture this one : CNBlue Yonghwa

They are in midst clearing the snow

 special event - Minho Shinee Birthday cart

minho birthday fan cart

Gangnam tourist information center

This tourist information center is not just your typical tourism centre. They also have kpop and krama special corner at the 2nd floor. You can also pretend u are one of the hallyu star under the experience zone.


AGD set

They also display the idol cloth and props here.

they also sell cd here

Details on this info centre : visit seoul
Subway : Apgujeong exit 6

I also receive my Gangnam coupon book from here for the Gangnam Grand Sale

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

This is very unique building. It is just open this year.

It includes with exhibition hall and next to it is Lotte Fitin ( mall)  .

They have transformers artline exhibit that time but i dont have enough money and time to visit. There is also tourism centre here.

Subway : Dongdaemun History & Culture Exit 1

Seolbing Cafe

This cafe is famous for its Bingsu. The must try one will be Cheese Bingsu (9000won)
I knew bout this store also from budgetkorea blog.

I went to Myeongdong branch. This one is near Red Sun restaurant ( walk pass by uniqlo, turn left at dunkin donut)
They have 2 branches in Myeongdong and lots more in Seoul. 

this is awesome
Cheese lover should try this.! omg im craving one now.
Few days after i went back to KL. Jonghyun from CNBlue open his own Seolbing Silim
too late...

Update Dec  : manage to go to Jonghyun sulbing at silim
Jan :  i still craving  cheese base bingsu OTL
mango cheese..yummy yummy

[Sharing] Alternative halal food in Seoul / Surau KTO

Most of the food  here is from this sunbae   tapi sekarang dia dah tak stay kat korea. Tapi terima kasih unnir.  Kalau takde makanan halal , boleh makan makanan ala begini di Seoul. Pegi Itaewon pun boleh berlambak makanan halal ni dekat area selain Itaewon.


Yoogane Seafood Fried Rice

ada dua store di Myeongdong

2.  Toppoki dengan soy sauce base . Selalu warna merah yang ni versi hitam.( fishcake & telur)
Kedai Red Sun ..exit uniqlo , nampak dunkin donut kiri, kedai kat tingkat 2 atas kedai Hat's on

Staff akan bagi nasi selepas habis makan Topokki. tapi ni pun dah kenyang. Dia ganti dengan aiskrim sundae. Semestinya ada ruang untuk dessert !

Sundubu jigae ( sup tauhu + telur)
Yang ni memang takkan campur daging. Kedai ni tak ingat nama sebab jalan2 lapar tapi kat ilsan dekat Lafesta.

Order ni mesti akan dtg dengan nasik dan side dish , Sorang 5000w .ikan bilis dlm pinggan sedap
Tuna & Kimchi Fried Rice (ada tulis dlm roman ) s
Boleh beli kat 7e and GS25 dalam rm3

Surau KTO

Selain dari boleh amik brochure, pakai hanbok percuma KTO kat seoul ni juga ada sediakan surau. Tapi tak asingla laki pompuan . So gilir2 yer. Subway : Jonggak Exit 5  jalan cross jambatan/

Memang depan sungai Chonggyechon

jalan ke depan lagi cantiklah

surau  satu floor dengan Info counter /basement
Boleh amik wudhuk di dalam surau.

Terima kasih KTO

A twosome Place - Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is the spokeperson for A Twosome Place. When u buy any drinks u will receive the cupholder with his signature . They also sell alot of merchandise item feat Lee Min Ho.
All A twosome cafe will have Lee Min Ho standee.
But in Myeongdong (the one in the centre - 2nd floot inside Olive & Young - near Pascucci) you can a photo opportunity lol real life size of Lee Min Ho standee

Ace Pizza

2pm and got7 fan will recognise this place as they mention about it in Twitter. 
You can create your own pizza and choose the ingredients you want. i came with fellow hottest Jae & Rummy

It is the best for meat lover. All the  basic ingredients is beef. Unfortunately they don't have seafood. Jae and i  request to remove the beef so our flavour is only cheese ,vegie and tomato. It is delicious.whateva with cheese is delicious for me ahaha.
The environment is nice and relax. They play Neyo song when i was there.

You can see the chef prepare your pizza
opp sorry chef i dont capture your face

the signatures

They also promote Go Crazy and put it on their counter. That what friends are for help promote each other.kk or who knows maybe one of the member come for dinner if u go and eat at Ace Pizza . That will be a bonus.

Superstar Topokki (super hero theme) & Real Got7 Location

This is a super hero theme restaurant . You will see a lot of item featuring our super hero Iron Man,  Spider Man , Hulk , Superman, etc.

My favourite will be Iron Man ...idk i just like his wit (his sarcastic line is the best) n genius  hmm or maybe i like Stark more..LOL  . Avengers will be so boring n weak without Iron Man ( so bias)

The restaurant was also the location for Real Got7 ( my favourite too) .
The location is just next at  *whisper JYP * training centre.

tv is showing avengers.

The food :
As in the restaurant name they serve Topokki. I guess they really target foreigner as the order form is in english ! U  rarely get to see menu in english in Seoul.
We choose the soy sauce one and add fishcakes coz i dont want it to be so spicy. Usually in my country we only eat 1 type of Topokki - the red one. So when we received our topokki, ehhh why there is no color lol .maybe i should choose the original topokki

Dont forget to ask the staff for apron. We even request our favourite. Of course it will be Iron Man for me(ehem Mark wears it in real got7  but that is 2nd reason kk) . While Jae choose Spider man.

Recap real got7 - masterchef

opps sorry BamBam

me n my imaginary fire. using it to cook my topokki

The signatures- Got7, Jimin 15& , Bernard Park

Since it is just next to JYP training u might even eat with the trainee. But beside the 5live and 6mix who get some media exposure i wont recognise anyone. but the thing is ,I'm too focus in eating the topokki and the super hero things here  i dont even look at other table. lol

How to get here . It will be no prob for Jype artiste fan.
For super hero fan :
Subway : Cheongdam exit 9 walk straight  past the shoplots (including De Chocolate Coffee ) turn right at the first corner which is not going up hill.